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Guided meditation by Rakesh Chawla

Need some relaxation and want to calm the chaotic thoughts in your mind? This guided meditation is a simple practice for beginners as well as advanced students. It helps induce a sense of happiness, joy and relaxation. This video is useful in dealing with stress, tension and anxiety. Click here for more.

vaastu for boosting self confidence

Feeling a little unsure of yourself? Ever wondered where confidence comes from? Can confidence be learned? Rakesh Chawla sheds light on how you can boost your self-confidence on a daily basis. We promise you, its simpler than you think. Click here for more.

vaastu for stress management

Are you aware that you’re stressed? What causes stress? How can you deal with stress? Rakesh Chawla sheds light on the topic of stress management in this video and gives simple techniques to reduce stress from your life. Click here for more.

Earth. Learn more about how important is it for us and what areas does it affect? Click now.

vaastu and element of space

Space. Click to learn more about how to nurture the element of Space responsible for our internal and external communications.

Vaastu and element of air

Air. Click to know more about
the element of networking and how to enhance your skills.

Fire.Learn more about the Universal Element of Fire and how to kindle this Element! Click here to find out!

Water. Learn more about the Universal Element of Water and its connection to Vaastu. Click here to find out!

Are you living in a happy and healthy home? Click here to find out!

How do you handle issues that come about in your daily life? Do you turn inwards or outwards? We have an alternate solution for you. Click here for more!

Ever wondered where the Sacred Zone is in your home? Click here to find out more!