Vaastu for floorings

Vaastu tips for floors
Vaastu tips for floorings

With the evolution of various building materials, one now gets a wide variety of options to choose from, specially when it comes to the flooring. You can select anything from mosaic, tile, marble, granite, wood or wall-to-wall carpeting. The choice of flooring is important not simply because of the aesthetic sense but the practicality also has to be gauged.

Vaastu recommends a hard and even surface to walk on, therefor wall-to-wall carpet is not favoured. Secondly, because dust accumulation is a reservoir of negative prana which can be easily avoided by rejected the carpet option. Thirdly, a soft surface is preferred in your garden but not inside your house.

For wooden floorings, which are neither hard nor soft – the number of planks or tiles determine the number of crevices which also accumulate dust and hence is not recommended. Therefore, the best option from Vaastu perspective are big slabs or tiles but nothing beats the good old mosaic works.

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