Vaastu for Unfinished Homes

Vaastu for homes under construction
A home under construction

It is observed that people shift into unfinished houses for various reasons such as shortage of finance, or that the lease has expired and the extension is not forth coming. It is also often suggested for them to move into the new house at a specific time on a specific date or the auspicious date.
Vaastu says living in an unfinished house where the walls are not painted or the woodwork remains to be polished brings hardship in business, difficulties in handling relationships, lack of concentration etc. Financial burden and poor performance looms over the occupant’s head. Essentially, the energies of the house are not yet stable. Yes, on a practical note, money is needed to complete the house, but if you are already in debt, this could add to your woes. It is advised that instead of a very expensive finish, you could go in for a moderate finish and always make changes or additions later for beautification. Remember, eating half-cooked food is difficult to digest and living in an unfurnished house is impossible to progress.


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