How did you find your lucky outfit?

Vaastu for lucky outfits
Vaastu for lucky outfits

How do you decide on your lucky outfit or colour? Hues and prints play an important role in enhancing your luck, but only after you have ascertained your fundamental element. Read on further to learn which colours are suited for you.

For instance, if you belong to the “fire” group, then stripes in the red or orange are more suitable. Golden or white on a dark background isn’t favourable. But if you belong to the “water” group, then a wavy self-design in blue or green is extremely lucky and looks best against a white background. This might clash with a red accent but goes down well with dots and circles as well as rectangular boxed. If you belong to the “ether” group, then white, solves and gold are what you should aim for. Those belonging to the “air” group should choose orange, beige and brown. Finally, if you are an “earth” parson, then yellow is your lucky colour. Avoid dark colours like black, blue or olive green. If you dress in tandem with your lucky/ favourable colours, attracting the right opportunity won’t be a difficult task. More often than not, people wear colours that aren’t suited to them and blame their stars for bad luck.

You can learn more about the elements and their importance by clicking here to access our youtube videos on the universal elemental series. To know about what element group you belong to, reach out to us by dropping a comment below or emailing us at


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