Vaastu and Meditation

Vaastu tips for meditation

“To a mind that is still. The whole universe surrenders.”


Meditation is the route to inner harmony. Vaastu also recommends meditation to resolve any physical, mental or emotional problem you might encounter. You can view a curated meditation by Rakesh Chawla here.

To begin meditating, isolate yourself in a calm and quiet place and if possible burn incense candles or a diffuser. You can also play soft music in the background and dim the lights. Focus your attention on your breathing pattern, inhale deeply and exhale slowly to let your mind and body relax. Try and locate the area of your body which corresponds to the mental picture of your problem. Once you have identified the area, try and visualise a symbolic shape to the problem, on doing so, try to give it a colour and see if you can weigh the mass symbolic to your discomfort. Once that is achieved you are close to finding a solution. Simply visualise yourself removing the mass from your body and feel the weight of your problem lift away. Always come out of your meditative state by slowly opening your eyes. Try meditating on any issue which has been bothering you, and watch your problems disappear.

Guided meditation by Rakesh Chawla

You can also follow the guided meditation by Rakesh Chawla by clicking here.

This is a simple 15 minute guided meditation practice that is suitable for beginners as well as advanced students. It helps alleviate tension, stress and anxiety and leaves you with the feeling of happiness, joy and relaxation.

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