Vaastu for Restaurants

vaastu for restaurants

If you’re in the restaurant business, your ruling element is Fire. For any such business, Vaastu recommends that the chef faces the entrance and not have his back towards the door while cooking. Facing east is considered auspicious and lucky. The burners in the kitchen should be towards the south wall. The restaurant should have a lot of warm colours, this will stimulate the appetite of the customers. Secondly, they should have bright lights as it generates the feeling of warmth and harmony. Pubs and bars, on the other hand, have dark colours because their element is Water. Pubs, being associated with lunar current, are complemented with dark colours, while restaurants, being associated with solar colours, get complemented with bright and warm colours. Placing mirrors on the walls also improves the vibrations. Keeping an aquarium towards the north will help increase the turnover.

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