Energise Yourself

In today’s competitive world, one often hears about acquisitions, takeovers and mergers of global corporations for survival, growth and dominance. While at a physical level, these terms are more materialistic in nature, interestingly, you can also find their reference in Vaastu, but in a different context altogether. For Vaastu deals with the exchange of energies, and with patience and understanding, you can elevate yourself to synergise with higher energy frequencies.

This expanse of energy is of great importance as it is the essence of growth and opportunity. For this, Vaastu has recognised the zone from the north-west to the north-east, where enhancers can be placed to increase our positive energy levels. One can use wind-chimes, running water (small indoor fountain), images of Lord Kuber or Gajlaxmi, an aquarium, mirrors, strings of sea shells, strips of copper and silver or a toy plane to bring in positive results. But, do remember to not go overboard and implement all these changes simultaneously as too many enhancers create excessive positive energy currents (pingala energy) causing a disruption, therefore take one thing at a time.

For any queries, details or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment or drop an email at vaastukala@hotmail.com


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