Man’s Best Friend : Vaastu and Pets

Vaastu and dogs
Vaastu and pets

Dogs are not only good companions, but are auspicious as well. They have a sixth sense which can detect subtle vibrations even of the metaphysical form and sound a warning signal to their family. Dogs have been known to warn humans about earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and even sickness such as epileptic attacks. Whenever there is a prolonged illness in a family, a sincere dog absorbs the negativity to protect the family and in turn passes away. A black dog is considered most auspicious, however, this does not mean you must keep a dog at home if you circumstantially can not. But if you’re going through a hard time, you can feed a stray black dog and look after him/her. Cats, on the other hand, are not as auspicious to keep at home. While crows are instinctively scared of human beings, if you start feeding them bread or roti, they can be very friendly. As per legend, cows and calves symbolise longevity. It is strongly recommended that you feed them saat anaj ki roti. You must keep a statue of a cow feeding her calf in your homes. Elephants are symbolic of stability and horses for speed. Place their statues or paintings in the southwest and northwest respectively.

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