Analyse, Identify and Implement

Vaastu for Problem Solving

Our universe is a simple composition of 5 basic elements in different ratios. Interestingly, we have 5 core issues around which life revolves. These are:

  1. Security & Stability in life – Earth/ Southwest
  2. Progress, which could mean either growing family or expanding business – Water/ Northeast
  3. Health, physical or profession – Fire/ Southeast
  4. Relationships at home or work – Air/ Northwest, and
  5. Communication with one’s inner self as well as others – Space/Centre

Any issue or problem that we face is our lives is either a combination or derivative of these core issues. It is of prime importance to first identify you core issue and then take remedial action. It is not advised to tackles all issues simultaneously as this would amount to spreading your energies in different directions instead of them being focused at one.

Now, think about yourself and what is bothering you the most, then translate that to it’s respective element and direction to locate the obstacle. Removing it will not be difficult. Add vibrancy to that area using plants, flowers, mirrors or any painting that gives you a good vibe.

We are currently exploring a video series on each of these elements on our YouTube channel – you can click here to view them detail or contact us for any queries.


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