Favourable Directions for Commercial Entrances

Vaastu for Commercial Entrances

North and East are favourable directions even in context of bio-geology and organic architecture. Having an entrance door along these directions is good for energy circulation and working while facing these directions is highly recommended. (Click here for our detailed article on Vaastu for Workspaces). Northwest and Southeast are also acceptable. In fact, 180 degrees between Northwest and Southeast directions is considered fine by Vaastu.

In small offices and shops, this not feasible due to space constraints and the seating arrangements may need to be altered because of the direction of the main entrance. Vaastu encourages us to not ignore the aesthetic look and feel of our spaces. If you cannot alter the seating positions, you can hang a mirror on the East or North wall which notionally changes the direction of entrance for the customer. Similarly, if your main door faces South or West, using the North or East doors opening into the back lane (if any) is incorrect and the damaging effects may outweigh the gains from the magnetic and solar energies.

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