Too much, too soon ?

Vastu friendly spaces
Vaastu friendly spaces

The traditional school of Vaastu is finding only few takers today, because very few people are willing to undertake structural changes. It is not practical to find a Vaastu perfect home or office space on the get go and of course it is not practical to tear it down in order to ensure 100% adherence. The modern school of Vaastu says structural changes are equivalent to surgery for the body. Don’t take this step in haste. Like the human body which collects many bacteria over time, so does the collective vibration of any house fight the vaastu dosh. Only when the bacteria becomes active and manifests as a disease do you start taking medication, similarly, when a dormant Vaastu defect gets active should you start looking for a solution.

Vaastu recommends that you should clean the clutter at a visible and hidden level (your closets and drawers) improve the vibrancy at the entrance and increase lighting levels and ventilation in the house. All this ensures an overall positive energy influx in your space. Remember, haste makes waste so please don’t break your dream-house in a hurry.


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