Vaastu during Pregnancy

Vaastu tips during pregnancy
Vaastu tips during Pregnancy

The blessings of Vaastu Purusha are sought throughout one’s life. While getting married, the Northwest direction, wherein presides the element of air, is activated by occupying the zone. You can do the same by placing a wind chime plus a henna plant which acts as a catalyst. For conceiving, the western side of the house is favourable as it is considered to be the womb of the house. During pregnancy other than visiting your doctors as required, you need an extremely vibrant environment and for the Vaastu recommends keeping fresh flowers in the rooms specially your bedroom and also to hang a visual (picture or painting) of a happy baby in the dining room.

The mother should sleep on the left side of the bed and while stepping off the bed, make sure the right foot lands first. Avoid wearing dark colours like navy blue and black and also warm colours such as red and bright orange as they represent excessive lunar and solar currents respectively. However, a combination of these colours is acceptable during the winters. Avoid sitting in dark and dingy rooms – natural light, good ventilation and reading books on philosophy are very stimulating for the mother and the child.

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