Vaastu for the Master Bedroom

Vaastu for bedrooms
Vaastu for bedrooms

According to Vaastu, the direction of the master bedroom is important, but it is not the sole factor which determines harmony in a household. The word “master” means the oldest member of the family and not the highest earning member. Though southwest is the recommended quadrant as per Vaastu, it needn’t in be the extreme corner. A bedroom towards the west or south can be equally favourable in which case the southwest corner could accommodate a dresser or a store room. In most apartments, this room is not towards the southwest. So would it mean a change of home? No, definitely not. Please remember that any single factor in isolation should never be judged upon. If your bedroom happens to be along the north or east side of your house, make sure the southwest corner of your room is not left unoccupied. In cases when the rooms are not in the right direction, place a yellow coloured Ganesha at the entrance door.

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