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Vaastu for Offices

Some people are successful in almost everything they do, while others have to strive hard to achieve even the simplest of goals. It has been observed that successful people have 3 special abilities:

  1. They take risks
  2. They are intuitive
  3. They have a positive attitude

While those who are striving for success have two of the above three, and those who have still not taken off, have only one of the above qualities. Vaastu says the executives who sit with a window behind their back lack a positive attitude and become day dreamers. If they sit very close to a door or have one behind their chair, they are unable to take risks. While those who sit between two windows or between a door and a window would not be intuitive, as when you sit with your back towards an open background, you tend to be taken up by surprises. Over a period of time, this reduces your confidence levels and your potential remains un-utilized, which in turn changes your attitude from positive to negative. So, to be successful, the golden rule is to make sure you sit with a solid wall behind your back.

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