Vaastu and Colour Therapy

Vaastu and colours
Vaastu tips for colours

Wall colors and paintings play an important role in enhancing your luck or feel good factor, so it’s very important to know the standard zones or directions inside your house. Use your smart compass and get started.

Now for instance in South, the zone of ‘Fame’ paintings or shades of Red, Orange or Green are very favorable as they nurture the element of Fire, where as Blue, White or Black which represents Water are unfavorable as a background for this area because they clashes with the Fire element thus it generally leads to unnecessary arguments or difference of opinion in short it does not augur well, in some cases people may be taking behind your back not on your face.

For North zone which hosts the element of Water a wavy design in blue and green or paintings of similar color is found to be extremely beneficial , these look best against a white or similar background. The clash with warm color in this zone may lead to a friction or hurdles in the flow of finances.

West as a zone can generally be energized with the help of metallic colors like Silver, Golden or Grey. Here again you should avoid warm colors such as Orange, Red and Purple. Green too is not very favored so be careful as there is a lot of gain and prosperity at stake which accrues in this direction, hence advise to nurture it carefully. A painting in this zone representing your profession has been found to be extremely beneficial.

East is the zone of aspirations and inspirations which we all get from the rising Sun, hence, its corresponding colors can do wonders. Here Yellow and Green have found to be very favorable.

Try and benefit from the correct use of directional colors.

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