The making of a Winner

Vastu for success
Vaastu for success

Each one of us is a born winner – whether we believe it or not. We all have the spark within that can make us a star. Unfortunately, we can lose this spark if it isn’t harnessed properly. This usually happens because of lack of encouragement by parents, family members, teachers and above all, the peer group. Changing the attitude of all those around you is difficult, rather impossible.

But two things that can be changed are your own attitude and your surroundings. Vaastu recommends placing objects in your personal environment that give you maximum comfort. Personal environment means the bedroom and the kitchen as well as your office space. Many of us follow this practice at our office desks by decorating them with plants, souvenirs and pictures of loved ones. Colours also play an important role in generating positive vibrations. So, add colour to your life by wearing the ones lucky for you.

People who don’t follow these guidelines tend to become indecisive. Having a mind of your own is very essential. The courage to listen and follow your inner voice is extremely important. Clarity of thought comes with meditation and this clarity also helps you become a winner.


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