Be Patient with Vaastu

time for vaastu to show results

Can Vaastu change your destiny? No, it can’t but it can certainly alter the route to your destination. Just like an umbrella helps when it is raining, although it doesn’t stop the rain. Vaastu helps in improving your mental and physical condition, which is why the emphasis on meditation. Enhancing wealth is only one aspect, improving relationships, health, communication and stability are others. The intensity of discomfort, because of a Vaastu defect, will always vary from one family to another, or from one individual to another. Similarly, the same solution will be more effective for some and may not have any significant effect on the other. It is only for this reason that we have different solutions to the same problem. With experience, one can learn what is the best remedy for a problem. When you follow Vaastu , please do not expect immediate results. Consider yourself lucky if something happens in a very short span. On an average, it takes 5-6 weeks for benefits to trickle down. Your immediate experience maybe a little disappointing. This usually happens when the new set of energies generated by the reorientation aren’t discharged properly and takes time to settle down. Just be patient and don’t get too focused on the outcome, but remain committed to it.


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