Doors and Windows

Vastu for doors and windows
Vaastu for doors and windows

What is an ideal number for doors and windows in any structure? The traditional school of Vaastu puts a premium on an even number of doors and the same number of windows, whereas the conventional school says in modern apartment buildings one does not have windows with a single panel/shutter, normally they have two or three panels. Now is this to be considered as a single window or equivalent to the number of panels/ shutters?

While the debate is still on, it is recommended to have more open and large surface areas of doors and windows towards the north-east as compared to the south-west to enable positive pranic energy permeate the dwelling unit. Secondly, the number of doors and windows should reduce as you rise higher in a building or their size should marginally reduce. Finally, the main door should be located in the left half of any direction as seen from inside the house.

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