Power of Thought

It is commonly said “you are what you think”. Ironically, we do or don’t do a lot of things because we are concerned about what others would think about us. The ideology contradicts basic wisdom. When your core concept about harmony is mixed up, how do you expect to be happy with so much internal confusion?

This should not be misconstrued as being selfish or self centred – it simply means that you are using more of your mind to be yourself. You must always question your actions. Only on receiving an appropriate answer that resonates with you, should you go ahead. The Upnishads explain this very beautifully – all that you experience in the world is an outcome of your thoughts and this world is nothing but thoughts in condensed form. Therefore, the only thing stopping you from being happy is you.

Try this simple exercise, see what you are today and visualise what you want to become tomorrow. Now think, plan and act exactly the way you feel you should to achieve your goal. Nobody should be credited for your success and do not blame anyone for your failure. Take charge of your life and your thoughts.


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