Vaastu for Sleep

Vaastu for sleeping
Vaastu for Sleeping

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Homes which are perpetually ridden with sickness need special attention. It is said sickness first sets in the mind and then manifests in our body. To ensure a healthy body, we need a healthy mind for which sleep is most important. How many hours a day do you sleep? Experts recommend 6-8 hours for adults. If you can not sleep for whatever reason, change the position of your head. Ideally, adults should sleep with their heads towards the South and the children towards the East. West is a standby and North is generally not recommended, though some people sleep like babies with their heads towards the North. Secondly, make sure you do not keep junk under your bed and finally, you must have proper ventilation and light in your room. South West and South East are good directions for faster recovery from illnesses.

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