Key to Prosperity

Vaastu tips to make money
Vaastu tips for Prosperity

Until a very few years ago, money-lending was a very respectable profession, but it was a monopoly of a handful of rich and powerful people. Today, that role has been taken over by the banks, financial institutions and now, venture capitalists who advance funds against a collateral. At the individual level, a lot of loans and investments become unproductive and the fear of failed recoveries looms large over the heads of financiers.

Vaastu’s recommendation to all financiers is to activate the north-east sector of the house and office by installing a water fountain or an aquarium with fish and a crystal turtle. Second, they must ensure that the clients to whom they loan money should also have an active north- that is, they shouldn’t have an entrance that is dark and gloomy, for it reflects the state of mind and then they should not be facing south or sitting in their offices at a sunken level for in this case, the chances of recovery are remote. Placing moneyplants on either side of the entrance door is a plus. Placing an image of Gajlakshmi is essential. Pyramid energisers can also be useful.

Do follow the above and let us know the results in a month. If you have any queries, you can leave a comment on this post or reach out to us here. If you enjoyed this post, follow us on Facebook or YouTube. We post a new article and a video every week !


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