Vaastu Vibes

What are the vibrations or “Vibes” of a place or person that everyone keeps talking about? Vibes are the feeling you get on seeing anyone or anything. When you see any person and feel good or visit any place and feel happy or see anything that excites you, it has a positive vibration. The opposite is called a negative vibration.

According to Quantum Theory, when an atom is broken into its millionth part- it appears to be a vibration, which means solids have denser vibrations than liquids and gases. Thanks to this theory, it can be safely concluded that everything around you has a vibration which determines your well being as you are constantly receiving these vibrations from your surroundings.

Vaastu helps to harmonize these vibrations and make your premises more vibrant and positive. Sometimes you may feel that there is nothing positive or happy in your immediate surroundings and there is nothing you can do about it. Please remember that this is a passing phase which shall soon be over. However, while it lasts, Vaastu recommends to lay a copper strip across your entrance and exit door. This short circuits the flow of energy which reverses the reaction and you will start to feel rejuvenated.


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