Vaastu for Mirrors

Girl holding a broken mirror
Girl holding a broken mirror

Mirrors are often viewed as objects of reflection. Most people spend a few minutes a day in front of the mirror, while others like to admire themselves and spend much more time in the process. Vaastu says it is not the time, but what you see that is more important. The below are absolutely crucial :

  1. Your reflection should be a true image and not a distorted one
  2. It should be bright
  3. The mirror should be a full length one, because, the elemental representation in your body is Earth :
    1. Earth : Feet to Knees
    2. Water : Knees to Thighs
    3. Fire : Thighs to Naval
    4. Air : Naval to Heart
    5. Space : Heart to Head

It is of prime importance to see your complete image, if you constantly view your upper half or only your face, your lower elements get neglected which manifests as instability or lack of finances. It has been observed that almost all successful people have a full length mirror in their closet or bedroom.

Last, but not the least, never see yourself in a cracked or tainted mirror as it will distort your energies and create unpleasantness.

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