The Element of Water

Vaastu and Water

Why is there no consensus on the current world situation?

Why is rain and floods the most common natural catastrophes?

The latter indicates disturbed Water element – which is directly associated with Finances. If Reality is what we perceive through our sense organs and what we cannot see, hear, smell, taste or feel doesn’t exist, then it must be imaginary. Right? I would say wrong because our sense organs have a limited bandwidth.

Our eyes can only see the spectrum of light from Violet to Red (VIBGYOR) since we cannot see infra red and ultra violet does it mean they don’t exist? We cannot hear a dog whistle does it mean those decibels don’t exist? Think! There is reality beyond our perception.

Secondly what we perceive is very personal, it cannot be generalized because very often our perception is different. For instance if we all go and watch the same movie at the same time in a theatre, will we all walk out with the same experience? No. You know why – it’s because perception is not what we perceive it’s what we infer.

This is the reason why there is difference of opinion across the globe, inference is a byproduct of your operating software that you have been programming since you were born either via auto suggestions or repetition. That’s the same reason every leadership in every country is responding as they perceive the threat. Casual or cautious.

Disturbed Water element in nature indicates everyone is primarily worried about Finances. Hence, try to balance this element at home and work place as that will help you to focus on emerging opportunities, recalibrate business strategies , reboot your thought process for personal and professional life. Time to do something different!

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