Vaastu for Tough Times

Vaastu for difficult times

The way your drive your car is also how you drive your life. While driving, you engage low to high gears with increasing speed and when the speed-gear ratio is not maintained, the drive gets rough and bumpy. In life we need to change gears just as smoothly as we do in our vehicle, the changing of gears in life is understanding and acceptance of the present while increasing or reducing the speed. Very often we are adamant about our views, ignoring the opinion or feelings of others around us. It’s like refusing to change the gears on a congested road.

When you feel like your life’s journey is becoming unpleasant, make sure your that:

  • your bed does not have doors on either side
  • you do not sleep or work under a beam, and
  • your bedroom is not above the kitchen as in this case you would be driving over a number of speed brakes

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