Vaastu for Balance

vaastu for balance
Vaastu for Balance

Excess of anything is harmful and the right dose could be a wonderful experience. Whether you are a teenager or a socialite, having too many late nights will culminate in stress and reduce your ability to enjoy experiences because the body loses it’s natural rhythm.

Vaastu is not against late nights or having fun, it only recommends moderation. Excesses are created when you have a block Northeast in your home or a higher wall towards the West and South. It could also be a result of more open space towards Southwest than the Northeast. Secondly, when sunlight does not come into the house, you deprive yourself of natural energy. The house creates its own rhythm to which your body adjusts but your mind remains disturbed. Try to ensure that maximum natural light enters your home during the day. For relaxing your mind, walking barefoot on grass in the early mornings is highly recommended

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